Terra Stack Double

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Use your food scraps to grow fresh produce from home, your office, or classroom!

Terra Stacks are compact, making them ideal for windowsills, counter tops, desks, or tables. Each piece is handmade from clay and glazed on the exterior. The unglazed interior helps maintain the moisture levels of the contents so that the red wiggler worms can work more efficiently.

This stack includes:

  • 2 pots, a lid, and a base. Each piece is lined with cork to protect and preserve the ceramic ware (photographed above).
  • 1/8 lb red wiggler worms
  • 1 pack of microgreen seeds
  • 10 bedding packs
  • A guide to help you get started

Dimensions: approx. 7" X 7" X 15.5"

All products are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing and shipping.

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