Frequently asked questions

How much food waste does Compottery hold?

Worms can eat about half of their body weight in food scraps every day. So with 1/4 lb. of worms in your stack you will be able to toss in nearly a pound of food scraps each week. When food waste decomposes it decreases in volume by 80%. By the time one pot is full of soil it will have composted about 1.5-2 gallons of food scraps.

Does Compottery smell bad?

Vermicompost, or compost of any kind, does not smell bad when done right. Compost with a foul odor is usually an indicator of an incorrect ratio of contents (browns to greens), or overfeeding.

How fast will my food waste turn into soil?

It takes about 2-3 months to get one full pot of compost, though this process can be accelerated by blending or cutting up food scraps to create more surface area.

Do the worms ever get out?

If red wigglers have a comfortable home to live in with enough food and oxygen, they won’t leave. If a few do escape it is usually an indicator that something is wrong.

What foods can I compost?

Red wiggler worms LOVE fruits and veggies, but also eat other plant-based foods. You can feed them grains and pasta in moderation but never feed them meat, dairy, or greasy foods.